Landlines Get Replaced (But Not With Cell Phones)

Canada: A New Low-Cost Phone System is Turning Carriers Upside Down

If you're paying for a landline, your bill may very well skyrocket soon. There is a solution–it's replacing landlines and much more reliable than cell phones.

Here's what's happening: The cell phone debuted in 1983 and is phasing out landlines everywhere. Now, landlines still exist, but its infrastructure can hardly be supported and is often failing. With the current landline exodus, even today's outrageous pricing is unsustainable. Even though smartphones dominate telecommunications, there’s now a smarter, more efficient solution that carriers don’t want you to know about.

It’s called VoIP and it’s changing the way we use phone services in our own homes and businesses.

How big is this change? Millions of homes and businesses have already switched over to this new phone service. Also, in more than 200 international airports, air traffic control is relying on VoIP.1 Even the federal government gave up 80,000 traditional landlines in favour of VoIP.5

The move to VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is on the rise because not only is the phone quality is far better, but the benefits are astounding. Never pay a landline bill again – VoIP is a fraction of the cost. International calling is cheaper. Get your voicemails automatically texted or email to you. When you're out, forward your home phone to your cell phone.

If you're an entrepreneur and have calls go to your cell phone at all hours of the night, control when calls come through. To sound more professional, you can have a Phone Tree with departments, extensions, and even holding music!

The Setup is Simple & Works With Your Current Phone

In these quick steps, setting up VoIP is easy because it connects to your high-speed internet. Better yet, when you cancel your landline, you may even keep your current phone number!

The minimum bandwidth requirement is 100 Kbps up and down. Although dial up would be too slow, DSL and cable speeds exceed this requirement.

Here's Why Landlines and Cell Phones are Losing Trust

Old lines have left consumers in some cities without phone service. A resident in St. Charles complained that dialing 911 frequently didn't even work.3 His phone company still forced him, and other customers to rely on outdated copper wires. 

Even business owners complained about their financial loss when they cannot charge credit card or debit cards, as the machines rely on landlines.

If you rely on cell phone service as your primary mode of making phone calls the problem could be even worse. The worst rated mobile company in Canada recorded 16 problems per 100 connections in the survey of more than 13,000 wireless customers.4

Fortunately, VoIP has given consumers a less expensive, more reliable option for making calls.

If you’re interested in this revolutionary new phone system, and would love to save tons of money in the process, the key is to compare available VoIP providers.

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