Infographic on the Landline Replacement: VoIP’s Ease of Use, Reliability & Popularity

Here are just 7 facts that show VoIP is taking over landlines.

VoIP data and sources credited to TheVoIPReport

VoIP savings

Businesses save from 50-75% after they switch to VoIP.

Soft phones resulted in average savings of $1,727 per month in cell phone and long distance charges.

VoIP quality

In a survey, only 1 respondent out of 208 reported being dissatisfied with call quality.

In a survey, 17% cited lack of reliability as the primary reason why they were switching to VoIP.

VoIP ease of use

In some cases, installing VOIP services for one person can be as easy as inserting a $15 to $20 pre-programmed dongle into a USB port on your desktop or laptop.

VoIP popularity

Telecoms (landline companies) are losing an average of 700,000 landline customers per month.

VoIP services market may likely expand 10% every year until 2021.


I want a very good landline.. but , who can I trust the bill just keeps going up with the taxes attached as well. a $27.00
bill plus 10 to 12 more in taxes. now it is . a 40.00 dollar bill ,, soo is this Voip availabily to me at a simply rate. no long distance. who is this Voip? I am retired and on a budget . I need more safe and honest information on my land line.

I would like to know if this is going to be available in my area. 97322 So far it has been difficult to get internet service that is fast enough to run my PC’s and the telephone company had to come out 2-3x’x a week to check the lines. Now it is better but we still do not have high speed internet.
Will this affect our ability to get VoIP? Would we need a regular phone and phone service. If these questions are self explaining to others I am sorry, I have a comprehension problem and information need to be dummied down for me.

what do I need to purchase for start to voip call services?
will any technician come and fix the set up or is it just DIY?
how much monthly cost ??

Yes, there are costs for it typically. Many companies that will port over an existing phone number will charge $10+ a month.

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