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Time Warner Cable Keeps Disconnecting

Time Warner Cable Keeps Disconnecting Posted on April 3, 2018Leave a comment

Check for Outages

You may lose a connection because a problem exists at Time Warner instead of at your computer or modem. Outages can occur that prevent people in an entire neighborhood from accessing the Internet. If you cannot connect to the Internet because your connection is down, call Time Warner’s tech support and ask them if there is an outage. If a problem exists that affects your area, they will tell you and provide additional details.

Check Cable Connections

Ensure that your modem’s power cord connects securely to your modem and that the modem is on. You can then check the connection between the modem and the coaxial cable jack on your wall to verify that the cable connectors fit snugly. A loose connection can prevent data from traveling between your wall’s cable connection and the back of the modem. If the modem connects to the back of your computer, verify that the ends of the Ethernet cable that connects the modem and computer fit snugly into those devices.

Reset Modem

Resetting a modem often resolves many connectivity problems. Reset your modem by pressing its "Reset" button. If you cannot find that button, consult the documentation that came with your modem. If the modem does not have a Reset button, unplug the modem from the wall. Unplug your router too if you use one. After about a minute, plug the modem back in and then plug in your router. Wait a couple of minutes for the router to synchronize with the modem if you’re using a router. Your modem’s lights flash after you cut it on, but those lights stop flashing eventually. You can then work on the Internet and see if the connection problem is gone.

Wireless Issues

If you connect to the Web using a wireless modem, such as one Time Warner provides, that modem does not connect directly your computer. Instead, it has an antenna that sends data to your computer’s network card. Ensure that the modem is on and connected to your cable’s wall jack. If you use a router, make sure that its connections are secure too. Whether you are using a router or the Time Warner wireless modem, verify that they are within range of your computer. Your documentation will tell you that range.

Remote Assistance

If your computer still disconnects from the Internet after you try all solutions, contact Time Warner technical support and explain your connection problem. They may ask you to visit a special Web page that contains the company’s "Direct to Live Assisted Support" tool. After you visit that page and enter your phone number, Time Warner technicians connect to your computer and attempt to fix your problem. You will also have the ability to ask the technicians questions as they troubleshoot your computer remotely.

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