5 Steps To Simplify Your Smartphone

While smartphones definitely have an advantage, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, and even addicted to those small computers in our pockets. It’s difficult to be productive with our smartphone as a distraction and often time it can leave us feeling fatigued with all of the bombardment of activity.

Are you interested in simplifying your smartphone? Here are 5 ways to do so.

Get rid of apps you don’t need

No brainer. Any time you’re looking to simplify any area of your life, the first thing is to get rid of the non-essentials. Same thing when it comes to your mobile device.

The apps you need may include: email, messaging, weather app, music, photos, etc. But there are more than likely ones you need to get rid of. Do you really need things like games you no longer play, or anything that you can use on a browser? Almost every app you have on your phone can be used in your browser. This will not only clean up your home screen, but it will keep you from wasting time on your phone.

Depending on whether you’re an Apple or Android user, you may need certain apps. However, try disabling the notifications so you can clear your distractions. The goal is to make your home screen as clear and non-distracting as possible.

Turn off your notifications

Okay, so things like texts, emails and calls won’t work in this case – but the things that are taking your time away, disable. For instance, do you really need to know every time someone posted a status, or liked your photo? Most of these notifications are meant to keep you distracted, so if you disable them, you’re making it easier to stay off your device.

Remember, you’re in control, you don’t have to be controlled. Things like CNN, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest can wait for when you’re ready to view them.

Put your apps that you have kept in folders

Ok, so the motivation here is to create a minimalistic look to your home screen.

For android and iPhone, you can press and hold apps and put them in folders. Consider making a “Finance” and “Media” folder, that way you can keep similar apps in one place. Keep the most important down below on your dock.

This will keep the clutter at bay and keep you focused on what you need when you open your phone.

Choose a minimal wallpaper

Personally, I keep a solid, and airy color as my wallpaper. This makes it easier on my eyes whenever I do pick up my phone, and it doesn’t give my brain the anxiety of seeing a bunch of shapes and colors.

This may not work for everyone, I understand you want your boyfriend as the cover of your home screen, but it may help to choose the most minimalistic wallpaper you can. Maybe even a serene picture of mountains will do.

I promise, once you do these steps to minimize your phone, you’ll feel free and oh-so-good. Take the distractors out and get work done. We don’t have to be slaves to our phones.

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