6 of the Best Video Editing Apps Out There

As more people and companies take to developing their brand in their own hands, some may find trouble creating videos at the professional caliber that larger companies enjoy. However, with the advancement of digital editing technology and the prevalence of smartphone today, anybody can create high content. Whether you are the lone wolf crafting together videos or a thriving company, here are some of the best video editing to enhance your content on the market today.




Quik is the brainchild of the company that brought us GoPro. This app has an easy user interface and allows anybody to make quick adjustments to their videos so they can be social-media ready in a couple of minutes.

Some modifications you can make include the pace, style, titles, filters and trims. You can upload up to 200 videos and photos that to tinker with. Additionally, if you want to sit back and let the app for you, Quik makes a weekly compilation of the videos and pictures you have taken and makes a video for you, similar to the Memories feature with iPhones.

Quik is a free app available for iOS and Android.


Adobe Premiere Clip


            This app has the name recognition of the Adobe family and has certain features users find beneficial. While it is not heavy with features to adjust your video with, it does however rely on speed and ease of importing your creation. Those that are heavy users of Adobe Creative Cloud will find this app incredibly useful.

If you are look for a free app that cuts right to the chase with editing your video, Adobe Premiere Clip is for you.




Overvideo is solely for iOS and can be downloaded for free. Sorry Android users. This app is great if you want to add subtitles to your video. You can add text to anywhere on the video and adjust the duration for how long it will appear. In addition to adding text, you can add music as well.

The free version is fine, but if you want to unlock more features like clip trimming and cropping, there are in-app purchases that are available.




            Magistro is a good introductory app for those interested in expanding their skills in video editing. The app makes good use of themes and music features to be added to any video. Magistro is available for both Android and iOS. While it is free to download, the videos are limited to only a minute long. Of course, you can upgrade to a monthly subscription and you can create longer movies and access to more features.




            While the other apps on this list are mostly geared towards those causal users. LumaFusion, on the other hand, is more tailored toward those serious about video editing and want to take their creations to another level.

Created for high efficiency, LumaFusion sports a multi-track editing tool, great animation effects and transition. Experts say that this app is the closest thing on the market for desktop-style editing.

Downside? LumaFusion comes with a price tag of $20.




            Another iOS specific app is Splice. This add is free to download and offers a wheelbarrow full of features. You can choose from several filters, background colors, text titles and voiceover tracks. This app also relies on speed of editing to separate it from the pack. And the ease of importing pictures and videos is big among those using Splice.

Splice has an easy-to-use design that is perfect for those entering into the video editing field.

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