Cuts your nails easily and smoothly

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A new easy way to clip your nails with CLIPPERPRO. No more ingrown nails or accidental bleeding while grooming. A large handle and swiveling blade makes it easy to use for even those suffering from back issues or arthritis.

The CLIPPERPRO blades are composed of surgical steel. These blades need minimum force to cut through nails. Nail-clippers slipping through your fingertips is a problem of the past. A custom made handle fits in the palm of your hand for ultimate control. Any cutting angle is now safe with the new swiveling blade.

The CLIPPERPRO is a medical-grade nail-clipper made to make everyday grooming safe. No more bleeding, pain, or discomfort when clipping your nails. CLIPPERPRO makes clipping your nails quick, easy, and safe.

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