Listen without cords with Bluetooth 5.0 and without distractions with Active Noise Canceling

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Tired of high priced earbuds that only work with certain brands. Those types of earbuds can cost you up to $229. Dangobuds noise canceling buds are a fraction of the price and work seamlessly with all brands.

DangoBuds give you the freedom to talk on the phone, walk, sprint, jog, dance, or exercise without the hassle of cords that get in the way. These wireless earbuds provide clear audio. DangoBuds deliver an industry-leading seamless crystal-clear sound with Active Noise Canceling. And they’re made to keep up with you, thanks to a charging case that holds multiple charges. Sync instantly to any device: Android, iOS, and more!

Dango Buds gives you so much more for much less.

  • Fantastic Sound
  • Compact and Portable
  • High Quality Design
  • Ultra Comfortable
  • Convenient Charging

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