Mobile Phone Benefits and Gifts to Society

Mobile phones, commonly known as cell phones, are widely used across the world. They serve multiple purposes and have evolved from the brick-sized phones that were synonymous with 1980s excess to the smart phone technology found in iPhones, Droid technology and touchscreen displays. Parents use mobile phones to stay in contact with their children, business people use them to keep the fiscal year running smoothly and friends keep in contact from coast to coast and nation to nation.

Beneficial Functions:
Mobile phones can execute numerous functions from just one mobile device. However, not all mobile phones have all available applications and functions. You can also download programs and applications to your mobile phone after purchase. Mobile phones have many common functions and programs, including: calculator, daily planner, mp3 player, text messaging system, GPS, alarm clock, notepad, voice memo, camera, photo album, stock ticker, weather announcements, games, Bluetooth capabilities, compass, e-mail and web browsing capability.

SIM Card Benefits:
SIM cards are the memory of a mobile phone. It is a little memory stick that inserts into a metal casing–usually behind the battery. SIM cards hold up to 250 contacts in your phone book along with your phone’s preferences and personal information about your phone’s account with your service provider. The SIM card can be transferred between mobile phones which makes switching mobile devices convenient.

The Benefits of Wireless Technology:
Four key benefits of wireless technology include efficiency, accessibility, flexibility and economic factors. Mobile phones are efficient in that they offer improved communication between individuals in virtually any location. As long as your mobile phone’s battery is charged, you are rarely inaccessible. Networking is also easy to establish without sitting at hard-wire connected computers. Finally, wireless networks are cheaper to install and maintain than hard-wired networks.

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