These lights go anywhere and require no electricity or sunlight

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Solar lights work where there is sunlight, but what about shaded areas or indoors? Lumenology solves the no sunlight issue with a portable battery-powered lighting solution that’s affordable, long-lasting, and can be attached anywhere in just seconds.

Adding light is easy. The built-in magnet or metal base attaches to any metal or flat surface, while the tripod legs virtually anywhere like fences, tree branches, or BBQs – This is perfect for entryways, car hoods, patios, parties, DIY projects, and more.

The motion sensor makes Lumenology 100% hands-free so you never have to turn your lights on/off again. The long-range motion detection works up to 13 feet away and adds a full year of battery life. Or switch it to “always-on” for continuous light. Also, it has IP43 Certified Water Resistance. It will easily stand up to your toughest weather like rain and snow.

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