Random & Fun Facts About Cell Phones

The average person in the United States only uses his or her cell phone for 12 to 18 months before purchasing a new one. Most people in the United States own three or more expired cell phones. Approximately 250 to 300 million cell phones are being used in the United States, according to the Georgia Institute of Technology. Cell phones are changing the way society works and creating a world where lack of instant communication is a thing of the past.

Cell Phones and Teens:
Over 47 percent of teenagers in the United States say their social life would end without their cell phone, and 57 percent say their cell phone improves their life, according to Marketingcharts.com. Eighty percent of surveyed teens said their cell phone gives them a sense of security while traveling. Only 18 percent of teens stated they used their cell phone to keep track of where their family and friends were. Thirty-six percent of teenagers said they would dislike a cell phone feature that allows someone to pinpoint their exact location. One-third of teenagers play games on their cell phone. Forty-two percent of teenagers stated they could text blindfolded without a doubt. Teenagers typically spend the same amount of time talking as they do texting every month.

Cell Phones and Driving:
Using a cell phone while driving results in the same decreased reaction time as having a .08 blood alcohol level. Eight in 10 drivers support cell phone usage restriction and also support a ban on texting while driving, according to Nationwide.com. People that drive while talking on a cell phone have four times the risk of getting in an accident.

Fun Facts:
Cell phones contain precious metals like gold and silver, according to the Georgia Institute of Technology. More than one billion text messages are sent each day, according to Marketingcharts.com. Ten percent of drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 are on their cell phone at any given time, according to Nationwide.com.

Over 70 percent of Americans do not know that you can recycle old cell phones, according to the Georgia Institute of Technology. Only 2.3 percent of people in the United States recycle their old cell phones, and seven percent of them throw their old cell phones in the garbage. There are currently over 250 million cell phones waiting for disposal.

Cell phones contain multiple substances that are poisonous or harmful to the environment, according to the Georgia Institute of Technology. Cadmium in the battery of a single cell phone can contaminate over 600,000 gallons of water. New cell phone batteries are being produced without the use of cadmium for this reason. Lead is used to solder parts of the cell phone together and affects the immune and endocrine systems. The wiring boards of cell phones contain brominated flame retardants that have been known to cause cancer, liver and endocrine problems. Beryllium can cause major lung problems and when burned releases extremely toxic dioxins into the air.

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