SMS Blocking App for iPhone

Learn how to filter calls and texts through whitelists and blacklists.

iBlackList, a selective call- and SMS-blocking application designed for the iPhone, enables a user to filter calls and text messages through the use of whitelists and blacklists. The application features an intuitive interface, full list customizability, password protection, individual scheduling for each list and auto reply SMS. It also includes SMS popup removal for locked screens for extra privacy protection. Though both the Blacklist and Whitelist offer call and SMS blocking as well as slightly similar features, they differ greatly in their basic functions.

Blacklist Function:
Most users easily recognize blacklists as directories for contacts they wish to block. If a caller whose contact information appears on the list attempts to call or send a text message to the user, his or her action will not be allowed. Any caller whose name is not included in the list may contact the user; however, the Blacklist’s blocking capabilities are limited to contacts whose numbers appear in the user’s phonebook or call and SMS logs. That is, it does not automatically block callers with unknown ID.

Blacklist Basic Features:
The Blacklist gives users the ability to choose which of their contact’s actions to restrict. For each contact on the list, separate options are given for calls and for text messages. A user may choose, for instance, to block calls while still allowing SMS from a certain contact. The user can also choose whether or not a blocked contact receives an auto reply SMS when the latter attempts to place a call. Finally, the Blacklist gives the user a choice of four disconnection types for blocked users in the event of a call: no action, redirect to voice mail, a busy signal, or automatic hang-up.

Whitelist Function:
The Whitelist is a list of contacts whose actions the user wishes to allow. A wide-range blocking list, an active Whitelist prevents all callers whose IDs do not appear on it from contacting the user. It acts like a combined priority caller list and an automatic spam blocker, restricting unwanted communications while allowing calls and text messages only from whomever the user chooses. Individual scheduling for the Whitelist enables the user to receive communications from a selected group of people at a specified time. A user can, for instance, choose to entertain phone calls only from close friends and family members the minute his or her workday ends.

Whitelist Basic Features:
Similar to the Blacklist, separate options for calls and SMS are available for each individual contact on the list. A visible green icon for a contact indicates that a certain type of action is allowable. If neither calls nor text messaging has been enabled for a contact whose ID appears on an active Whitelist, that contact is still essentially blocked. Unlike the Blacklist, the Whitelist does not allow the user a choice of contacts to whom an auto-reply SMS will be sent.

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