Understanding Mobile Phone Network, Prices, Multimedia & Service

Cell phones have become an important aspect of living in the 21st century. The majority of adults already have a cell phone, and the age to give children a mobile phone is lower every year. Consumers are constantly looking for the best possible network, plan and handset. Thus, many people closely follow and analyze every aspect of their mobile phone and plan.

One important factor many people consider when purchasing a mobile phone is the network on which it is available. Network coverage and no dropped calls is an important concern for most customers. Which network was favored also takes into consideration the availability of a family plan, payment options, free in-network calling and many other factors. Overall, the network a phone is available on is an important factor in a consumer’s final decision.

Obviously, one of the most important factors for the average consumer when purchasing a mobile phone is the cost of the plan. This is primarily because this is the only long-term cost associated with purchasing a phone. All consumers want to find a phone they like within their monthly budget. For example, most data plan phones cost an additional $30 to $40 dollars a month as of December 2010. Thus, some consumers are not interested in purchasing a mobile phone that requires a data plan.

The handset itself is obviously an vital factor in which mobile phone a consumer picks. Even if a consumer does not like the network or price, some are willing to make an exception for a phone she truly enjoys having. The majority of younger consumers want to own a sleek, stylish phone. That is why the design and weight of a mobile phone are at the top of the most important features list.

Multimedia Capabilities:
One of the last factors a consumer look at when purchasing a mobile phone is the multimedia capabilities. Being able to send pictures through text messages and or watch TV on a cell phone are of some importance to the majority of consumers. (Reference 2) In fact, many people are willing to pay a lot more for their plans if it includes higher entertainment value. Thus, phone makers are constantly trying to improve the speed with which information is download, videos are streamed, and applications are run.

Customer Service:
Another important factor when considering which mobile phone to purchase is the quality of the carrier’s customer service. A friendly and helpful customer service department ensures you are receiving all the benefits of joining its network and is always available if you need help. This is difficult to evaluate before joining the network, but many reviews and experiences from other customers can be found online.

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