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How to Install EarthLink

How to Install EarthLink Posted on March 11, 2018Leave a comment

Install EarthLink

Cancel any Internet service you have with another provider. Often you can do this by telephone, fax or snail-mail. You will have to provide them with your username and the credit card number used to create your account.

Verify that your computer meets the installation requirements. Macintosh computers should be using OS X (version 10.1 or higher), have a PowerPC G3 or higher processor, 128 megabytes (MB) of memory, 30 MB of available disk space and a modem with a speed of 28 Kbps or faster. PCs should be operating with Microsoft Windows 98 or higher, Pentium 200 MHz or higher, 64 MB of memory and 115 MB of free disk space.

Visit EarthLink’s website to see if high-speed service is available in your area (see Resources below).

Decide whether to install EarthLink Dial-Up or High Speed. DSL high-speed access is available over your telephone line, or you can install EarthLink Cable via your cable television line.

Install EarthLink DSL or EarthLink Wi-Fi (wireless technology) yourself with easy self-installation kits. Hardware, software and technical support are provided if your machine has a network interface card. Cable and satellite services require a visit from a professional installer.

Use EarthLink’s Easy Switch tool to import your address book and any email left in a previous account. You also can have email forwarded from another account.

Confirm that your EarthLink service is activated by checking for a confirmation email.

Connect the Modem

Turn off your computer.

Place one end of the Ethernet cable into your computer’s Ethernet port and the other end into the modem’s yellow LAN (local area network) port.

Put the dual-jack adapter into the closest telephone jack. Place one end of the gray telephone cord into either side of the adapter and the other into your modem’s gray DSL port.

Plug the power cord into the modem and an electrical outlet and power up the modem.

DSL Filters

Plug your telephone into the modem by placing a DSL filter into the open side of the adapter. Plug the telephone into the filter.

Remove the telephone cord from its jack and plug in a DSL filter. Put the telephone cord into the filter and listen for a dial tone.

Repeat this step to install DSL filters in all other telephone jacks.

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