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Intermatic Light Timer Instructions

Intermatic Light Timer Instructions Posted on April 10, 2018Leave a comment


Intermatic light timers contain an internal battery that allows you to set the timer when it is not plugged into a receptacle and to save your settings in the event of a power outage. When first using the timer, plug it into an electrical outlet to charge the battery. Once charged, press the “Reset” button located in the small hole on the front of the timer with the end of a paper clip. This will clear any settings already in the timer.




Next, set the time on the Intermatic light timer. To set the time, press and hold the “Clock” setting. Change the hours unit by pressing the “Hour” button and the minutes unit by pressing the “Minute” button. Press the “Days” button to scroll through the days. Release the button when the correct day appears in the display.

Setting Timer

Intermatic light timers can be programmed for up to 20 different program settings. The timer has options for on and off timings for different hours of different days. To set the timer, press the “Program” button to bring up the first timer setting. Use the “Hour” and “Minute” buttons to set the “On” time for the timer. If the setting is for a different day, press the “Days” button to change the day. You can also set a group of days by continually pressing the “Days” button. Once set, press the “Program” button to set the “Off” time using the “Hours,” “Minutes” and “Days” buttons.




Continue in this manner until you have set all of the times. Press the “Clock” button to save your settings and exit the programming mode.




Your timer is now set and ready to function. Plug the timer into an electrical outlet, and connect the power cord of the lamp to the socket on the side of the timer. Press the “On/Off/Auto” button until “Auto” shows on the display. The settings in the timer will now control the lamp.

Reviewing and Changing the Timer’s Settings

You can review all of the timer’s on and off settings by pressing and holding the “Program” button. The set times will scroll on the display screen. If you find one of the settings is incorrect, let go of the button. Revise the time by pressing the “Hour,” “Minute” and “Days” buttons. Remove the time by pressing the “RST/RCL” button. The set time will be replaced with dashes. If you made a mistake, press the “RST/RCL” button again to restore the setting.


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