How to Find Information About AT&T Broadband Service

AT&T Broadband Service

Step 1 – Contact AT&T for service specifications. The most accurate information on pricing, speed, and service options is available through the company itself. As pricing and services change, AT&T is the most reliable source of information regarding the specifics of their particular service. You can find this information by visiting the company’s website, listed in the ‘Resources’ section and also by calling a customer service representative specific to your zip code. You should look at what additional services, such as email, are provided with a subscription. Further, you should look at pricing options in your area.

Step 2 – Compare various plans and connection speeds. You must determine the connection speed needed for your particular needs. Examining AT&T’s plan options will help you determine which package is best for you. Currently, AT&T offers three various satellite broadband bundling packages and the price varies by location. Bundling allows you to combine phone, Internet and cable into one monthly payment; the price will vary based on options such as number of available channels and digital voice.

Step 3 – Determine whether or not you need mobile service or whether service in one location is sufficient. With a mobile connection you can access the Internet from any location, at any time. If you only need Internet at home or work this may not be necessary, but if you like to work or surf the Internet from various locations, mobile broadband connections ensure connectivity. AT&T offers satellite broadband service as well as wireline service, so you should keep in mind which service you would prefer or need from the provider.

Step 4 – Research consumer complaints and reviews. In case anything goes wrong with service, it’s good to know how the company has responded in the past and what changes have been made to prevent future service interruption. A simple online search of "AT&T broadband reviews" will offer several different review and rating forums. Use the reviews listed in the ‘Resources’ section as a starting point.

Step 5 – Compare AT&T’s pricing and service options with those of other local providers. Pricing, packaging and speed can vary by provider and location so it is wise to comparison shop for broadband Internet service available from other providers in your area.

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