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How to Keep a Low Cell Phone Bill

How to Keep a Low Cell Phone Bill Posted on March 2, 2018Leave a comment

Avoid buying extras for your phone. Many people love buying extras like ring tones and wallpaper pictures from their cell companies every month, which can greatly increase your bill. Many cell phone these days are equipped with a recorder that can record your favorite song and allow you to use it as your personal ringtone; it is recommended that you do this instead of buying ring tones from your phone browser.

Avoid going over on your cell minutes. The average cell phone plan includes anywhere from 500 to 900 package minutes, and many people who like to talk a lot will go over on their minutes by 50 to100 minutes or more. You can save yourself the grief of paying overage charges by getting a better plan–possibly an unlimited plan–so you won’t have to worry about those extra charges each month.

Add only dependable people to your cellular plan. If you are an adult and you have a family plan, you may consider adding a few family members or even a friend or two. However, what if the person or people you decide to add to your plan suddenly decide to stop paying you what they owe each month? This negligence affects you, the contract holder, not the person who is deliquent. It is recommended that you only add someone to your plan if you know that they will be dependable.

Cut down on your data usage. Data usage such as Internet, photos and text messaging can carry a per minute or per kilobyte charge. If you don’t want to give up your data services, ask your wireless carrier about an unlimited data plan.

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