How to Save Money on Your Home Phone Service

One way to save on home phone service is to bundle all of your services together into one plan. For example, your cell phone, Internet, satellite dish or cable TV service, long distance (if needed) and your home phone service all on one plan. Or, bundle those that you do have on one plan.  You do not need to have all the services a company offers to take advantage of package pricing.

You can do this by calling your local cable company, satellite provider or VoIP phone providers in your area. Many are listed in your phone book, on the Internet or you could receive advertising from them. Sometimes even your cell phone provider offers packages you may not even be aware of.

You can call your home phone company and ask them what specials they are running.  Or, if you have been a longer-term customer, you can ask them politely to lower your rates. Have rates of their competitors handy. Perhaps you could also lower your rates by eliminating a phone package with features you do not use.

If you know you want to stay with this company, ask them if they will lower your rates if you lock in for a year or two. Sometimes you can do this just on Internet or a phone package.

If you are able to, get a credit card from the phone company, such as AT&T and you could receive a discount on your monthly services that are billed directly to that card each month. To find out more, inquire with your provider or do a Google search for phone credit cards.

Consider changing providers if all else fails and you get a far better rate. You should be able to take your home phone number with you. If you are unsure what is available in your area, go to some of the websites below this article for more information. Usually all the information you need is a phone number or address.

See the website below to shop around and discover what is available to you. You may be paying much more than you have to.

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