5 Amazing Photo Editing Apps for iPhones

One of the best aspects of the smartphone revolution is being able to capture your life’s memories and turning us all into amateur photographers. With the latest generation of smartphones armed with high-powered cameras, it’s easy for users to take quality pictures at a whim.

But what if you are ready to take your photography game to the next level? As one might expect, the App Store offer a whole slew of apps to assist you in getting your favorite pictures looking just right. Here’s a list of the best photograph editing apps on the market for iPhones.




            Though this is app does come with a price tag, $2.99, there is little doubt that you have gotten plenty of bang for your buck. Enlight has an incredibly intuitive user interface and a diverse selection of tools at your disposal.

There is also a Mask tool which allows the user to further specialize their photos by add certain effects to certain quadrants, like black and white photo, while leaving other parts of the photo unaltered by those effects.

With Enlight, you can do a quick edit to a picture or apply heavy cosmetics. The app has a great help resource if you ever get stuck or wonder how to do something.




A must-have app for anyone that edits their photos. This app singular purpose is remove any part of a photo with the swipe of your finger. While many other photo editing apps offer a removal feature, TouchRetouch is a notch above the rest. It works by replacing the unwanted portion of your picture with pixels from the background, simply by using your finger.

TouchRetouch is currently $1.99 in the App Store.




            Google’s dive into the photo editing game, Snapseed is a great app for those out there that are frugal, but have a desire to perfect their pictures. Snapseed is currently free in the App Store and offers a wide range of effects and tools to better your picture. You can do selective enhancements, lens blur, color balance and many more options.

Snapseed is a bit tougher to use than its counterparts on this list, but it is worth learning the ins-and-outs.




            Darkroom is listed as free in the App Store, however it is an app that has in-app purchases if you want to unlock various filters and effects. But if you are serious about your photo editing, Darkroom offers a combination of power and easy-to-use features that make it a formidable app on the market.

One of its crown jewels is the way the filter system works. With Darkroom, if you fancy a certain filter, you can adjust individual sections to enhance whereas other apps’ filters work as a blanket that covers the entire photo without much customization.

Another nice feature is there’s no import feature or separate library to store you pictures. This is quite the space saver if you are storage-conscious for your phone.




            Perhaps the most reliable and consistent photo editing app out there, VSCO offers many ways to experience the app. It’s an app that is free to download and the base version comes with many filters and effects.  You can also buy various filter packs as in-app purchases, but if you want to take your skills even further, you can get a year-long subscription for $20.

While the app is great for editing pictures, one of its draw backs is that it is not the easiest app to use on the market. It can be confusing at times when it comes to saving and sharing photos.


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Hey Andrew
Really Amazing post you have written here.
For me, I think snapseed and VSCO are the best apps. I have used Adobe photoshop express and Lightroom CC both were okay.
What do you think of Facetune app?
I have also written a similar article on my blog. Would love your feedback!

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