The Most Beneficial Features Of The iPhone X

Whether you’re a current iPhone user or not, you’ve likely heard the buzz surrounding Apple’s newest product, the iPhone X. And due to the vast amount of people wanting to get their hands on one, an article outlining the phone’s best features certainly seems fitting. The features listed are not only exclusively on this Apple model, but they are perhaps some of the most advanced features ever seen on mobile devices. So, unless you want to be envious of your iPhone X using friends and family members, you should order this phone as soon as possible.

Face ID (As Opposed To A Home Button)

If there are any iPhone X features you have heard of already, Face ID is probably one of them. Giving users the ability to not only avoid the home button all together, but to also unlock their phone simply by looking at it, this feature has certainly helped build anticipation for the phone’s release.

According to Apple experts, this feature is enabled via a TruDepth camera and highly sensitive sensor system, which remembers every inch of your face, down to the most minute details. Fortunately, for those who worry about their privacy, the Face ID feature is completely fool-proof and will fully cease the unlocking option if you’re eyes are closed, squinting, or looking away.

The Giant, Edge To Edge Screen

If you are someone who enjoys watching videos and looking at pictures on your phone, then you are bound to love this next feature. Not only is the iPhone X’s screen significantly bigger and more clear than that of past iPhone models, but it goes completely edge to edge, giving you the ability to watch mobile videos like never before. This screen is nothing short of amazing. In fact, many people are calling this the most incredible smartphone screen to date, and once you see it for yourself, you’ll certainly know why!

The Camera

Serving as perhaps the world’s most powerful mobile picture taker, the camera on the new iPhone X is extremely advanced. Coming with a multitude of extra sensors and gadgets, this camera can create an emoji from your face, and also customize the light sensitivity of each photo automatically. That way, no matter what environment you choose to take a selfie in, your face is bound to look great! Much like with the Face ID feature, a TruDepth camera is used for this as well.


Not to be confused with emoji’s, animoji’s use your facial movements and speaking patterns to create little cartoon animals. This too is done with the advanced face mapping software used solely by Apple, not available on any other phone or with any other company. So, if animoji’s sound like something you would be interested in, then be sure to pre-order an iPhone X.

Well there you have it, a list of what we consider to be the iPhone X’s most beneficial features. Though there are only four listed, they paint a much bigger picture of just how amazing this new Apple product really is!

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