5 Ways You Can Use Smartphones to Grow Your Business

There is much talk about the role of smartphones in enhancing business as well as streamlining processes.  However, the mobility market matters more in comparison to the productivity of employees in an organization. There is much more that the smartphone can do outside the corporate walls as far the interaction of business with investors, partners and customers is concerned. Are you wondering how? Here are 5 ways that you can use smartphones in shaping your interaction opportunities and improve communication strategy of your business.

1.       Mobile web site

The introduction of smartphones has brought a new life to mobile sites. Often, mobile web sites refer to light pages which are tailored in a manner that they can be viewed via mobile phones. The availability of smartphones has made it possible for visitors and customers to view your products and even make purchases from the comfort of their phones.  This improvement has created a great extension and possibility to the extent of audience that you can reach since there is an influx in the number of smartphone users nowadays.

2.       Apps

The web is considered to be a great resource; however, the availability of mobile apps create more opportunities for businesses. For example, with Apps such as AroundMe, you can comfortably find and search for hotels and restaurants using your smartphone. Such apps alongside the use of smartphones has replaced the cumbersome yellow pages book. With smartphones, you can execute any activity comfortably. For example, it is now easy to search and find different places and people.

3.       Social networking

Social media platforms have grown tremendously over the past few years. Similarly, the number of people accessing such platforms has grown. Such growth is attributable to the increase in the number of smartphone owners.  As such, you have a significant chance not only to interact with your existing customers, but also build a new and large customer base.

Smartphones have made is possible to connect with customers anytime of the day –they can read and send you messages and emails on the go. It is high time you leveraged this fact and create better engagement incentives. Besides, it is quite affordable to get to social media.

4.       Customer support on the go

Customer service is an essential element needed for the success of any business. Achieving such milestone has never been easy with the conventional way of offering support to your customers. For example, determining your customer’s location is not possible with the traditional approach. If a customer had a problem the only way to solve it by physically visiting your office.

However, nowadays, you can offer customer support on the go; all you need to have is a smartphone and internet connectivity. Such advancement avoids you the cost of having to send someone to locate your customers’ issues –you can have them take a video or photo of any product that they might have an issue with and share the image immediately for recommendation.

5.       GR Codes

Quick Response codes are common nowadays and they are being used in making it easy to access different things such as maps, contact support, websites, among other things. While QR codes have been here for a while, smartphones have made them quite useful –by just having the appropriate app, you can use your smartphone to read any QR code on the go. In fact, its saves you the time of having to write a company’s address, or going through Google to get the map of a particular store, especially when on the move.

Take home

The mobile revolution has started on portable devices. Mobile technology changes every day and this has created a platform for businesses to grow. Such growth is possible if businesses can capitalize on the rise in the number of smartphones users; and use such opportunities to create and engage with the right audience.

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