6 Smartphone Gadget Ideas for this Season

Well it is that time of year again where we do a mad scramble to procure gifts for our family and loved ones. It can be quite a strain trying to rake your mind for gift ideas. But, thankfully, everyone has a smartphone and everyone loves a cool accessory or gadget to accompany their device.

The popularity of smartphones can make the holiday shopping a bit easier, and if you are like me you’ve procrastinated and haven’t started the holiday shopping. Here is a list of smartphone gadgets that any smartphone owner would enjoy.



Window Mounted Solar Charger


            This little device is extremely convenient for those traveling or somewhere that doesn’t have an outlet and needs a charge in a pinch. Simply place the charging apparatus to a window and let mother nature do the rest. While the mount soaks in the sunlight, your phone will be charging.

You can find these on Amazon for about $20 for the low-end products. Higher end mounts will cost about $50.


Instant Smartphone Printer


            For those on your list that are nostalgic for a simpler time and clamor for having physical pictures again, then the Instant Smartphone Printer is for them. This neat little device can print off any picture from your smartphone camera roll or social media platform. The printer runs off a battery that you can recharge. There are many companies making this kind of product, including Fujifilm and HP.

These printers run upwards of $100 depending on which model you get.


ReelSonar iBobber


They really can make your smartphone do anything these days. With this contraption, you download the free app and connect to the bobber via Bluetooth. You toss the bobber in the water and the bobber relies lots of information back to your app. Not only does the app help find the user fish, but also tells you the water temperature, depth, lunar calendar and weather. This is the perfect gift for those outdoorsmen in your family who also enjoy the technology today.

You can find the iBobber at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $90 and the app works for iOS and Android.




            We have all been there, running late and naturally you can’t find your keys and look for an hour. With Hone, that problem is eliminated. Simply tie the tracker to your keys and connect it via Bluetooth to your phone. If those keys wander off again, the dongle you attached will make noises and light up until you find it.

Hone can be purchased for $50.




            The future really is here. Skylight basically turns your phone into a microscope and allows you to take pictures of your findings. You hook up your phone to a supported microscope and you can change the focal plane and other options with just the touch of your finger.

SkyLight is available for $65


Smartphone Camera Lenses


If you have an avid photographer on your list, smartphone camera lenses might not be a bad route to go for them this holiday season. There are a bunch of different choices and kits out there to enhance the smartphone zoom. You can get lenses that allow for 8x or 12x zoom, or lens packages that come with clip on lenses, fisheye lens, wide angle lens and a tripod.

These lens start at $18 on Amazon.

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