The Shocking Price to Repair an iPhone X Screen

With these recent iPhone launches, iPhone 8 and iPhone X, are bigger in size which means there is a higher chance of breaking. Either the screen or any other part of the phone. Here are a few prices that will shock you.

Recently, after the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the company also announced the shocking price of the screen repair of the phone. iPhone X is something that everyone dreams of having. But once you hear the price of the screen repair you’ll certainly be shocked. Apple recently announced that the iPhone X screen repair can be up to $279. Yes, that is a lot of money on a glass screen.

The price is twice the actual price of iPhone 6 which was $129 at the time it was launched in the market. It is almost 65% higher than the actual price of iPhone 8, which was approximately sold for $169.

So, after comparing it with the prices of the other phones, it is clear that even the repairing of an iPhone X screen costs a lot of money. This means you need to be hundred times more careful than other mobile phone users. The repair price for iPhone 8 is approximately $349. That is still less because only the screen of iPhone X costs more than the fixation of entire other phones.

Apple also provides an extended warranty, which is obviously useful and necessary for the users. Obviously, it is a lot of money. The Apple’s safety net is really useful for the users. The cost of Apple warranty is $199 for an iPhone X. So it means an iPhone X can be repaired for $29 if it’s under warranty.

Although, it is suggested to keep a plastic casing and screen protector on all the time. This can prevent huge damage and also save a lot of your money. If you are also an iPhone X owner make sure you take care of your phone.

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Simple solution – just don’t get your iPhone fixed by Apple. It’s been proven again and again that Apple overcharges for everything when it comes to repairs. I guarantee you could get a broken screen fixed by a third party repair shop for less than half of that $279 that Apple wants you to pay.

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