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How to Buy Coffee with Your Smart Phone

How to Buy Coffee with Your Smart Phone Posted on June 29, 2017Leave a comment

Download the free application. For Blackberry users to download Starbucks Card Mobile, text GO to 70845. For iPod and iPhone users, go to the iTunes Store on your iPod or iPhone. You will need to have an iTunes account set-up prior to downloading the Starbucks app. Enter Starbucks Card Mobile in the iTunes search box. Click on download free app. It will automatically install the application.

Open up the new application on your smart phone and create a Starbucks account which requires you to give your name, address, email address and birth date. You will be asked if you want emails sent to your email box before the entire process is complete. Upon completion, by entering your information into the Starbucks rewards program, you have credit for a free drink on your birthday.

Set up the prepaid payment for your card. Paying with major credit cards and Paypal will get you started with the mobile card app. You can also reload your card in this same manner or set up automatic payment. When your balance gets below $10 the card will automatically reload your account to the agreed upon amount.

Find a Starbucks that accepts the mobile card app. It is accepted at 6,800 Starbucks sites and over 1,000 Target stores that house a Starbucks. Make your order at the counter, open the app on your phone. The counter person scans the bar code that shows up on your phone screen. It is automatically deducted from your balance and you have your coffee in your hand to enjoy.

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