Cell Phone Tricks & Secrets

Just about everyone knows how to operate a cell phone these days, even though sometimes we don’t always explore all the included tools and options. Many people focus on the basic functions like making calls, checking messages and web surfing and don’t know what their phones are capable of doing. Try a few cell phone tricks and secrets to see what your cell phone can really do.

Secretly Monitor A Room:
A simple secret trick that works with most cell phones that have a speaker phone option is monitoring a room. You can use your phone as a baby monitor–free minutes plan is advised for that–or as tool to secretly spy on someone. Turn off the sound on your speaker and set the phone to “Auto Answer.” If you can’t turn the speaker off, place a strip of tape over it to muffle the sound of the noise around you. Set your ringtone to “Silent.” If your phone doesn’t have a silent ringer, you can download one free at PhoneRated.com. Place the phone in a concealed area of the room you wish to monitor and call your phone from another phone in another area to listen.

Make Free International Calls:
The Messiphone website offers a wide variety of cell phone tricks and secrets for eight different brands of cell phones including Samsung, Nokia and Blackberry. A little known secret about Internet accessible Apple iPhones is that you can make free international calls from them. Download a free program called Tuitalk to your phone and make mobile-to-mobile and mobile-to-land line calls to more than 40 countries domestically and worldwide. The website hosts a simple video tutorial to walk you through the free download.

Create Free Ringtones:
Most cell phones–old and new–have some type of voice or sound recording option and if yours is one of them you can make free ringtones. Use the recording tool–usually found in “Tools” or “Applications”–to record your voice, music, television, sound effects or any sounds you like. Save the recordings in your gallery or media folder and assign them to your contacts or as your main ringtone.

One simple cell phone trick that really comes in handy is using your cell phone as a flashlight. Though you may not notice during daytime hours or in well lit rooms, the face of your cell phone gives off a considerable amount of light to keep your screen and keypad lit. In the darkness, just turning on your phone can illuminate small areas and increase your visibility. In a pinch, your cell phone makes a convenient mini flashlight.

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