The Continuing Struggles iPhone Users Are Faced With

Though most people in the world still use them regularly, iPhones now are not as convenient as they once were. In fact, with almost every new iPhone update, comes more and more issues. So, we thought we’d post an article outlining the most common struggles iPhone users are faced with on a day to day basis!

Surprise Battery Draining

Though this one is (for whatever reason) often overlooked, surprise battery draining can be pretty detrimental. Not only does it bring your phone down almost 10 percentage points in battery each time, but it happens out of the blue, giving you no chance to prepare by bringing a charger to where you are. Moreover, Apple has really no explanation as to why it happens. So, if you’re looking to fix this issue, then you’re out of luck.

A Shorter Battery Life

Similar to the issue listed above, the iPhone’s continuously shorter battery life is also rather frustrating. iPhone battery lifespans seem to get shorter with almost every new Apple update, and (as of right now) there is no real way of fixing this problem, whether you turn your brightness down or not. So, if the amount of time you spend on your phone during the day is important to you, then you might try looking for an Android!

Everything Slowing Down Right After A New Update

Apple updates are certainly great to look forward to, because of all the new features they often come with. However, the slower phone speed that comes along with them is not. Many people have been complaining about this problem, and it only seems to be getting worse. In fact, the latest iPhone update slowed some peoples’ phones down to almost half the speed they once were. Hopefully the owners at Apple can figure out this issue quickly…

Charging Chords Fraying At The Seems

No one is really sure why this issue happens as often as it does either, but iPhone charging chords tend to fray at the seems quite easily (especially the lightning chargers). Considering the fact that these chords are only available for the newer model iPhones, you would think they would be more durable, but that is clearly not the case.

A Dead Phone (Out Of The Blue)

Often times when on a battery life of 10-15 percent, iPhones will just shut off and die. Much like with the surprise battery draining, it is not exactly known why this happens, but it has certainly angered iPhone users. If you really think about it, this could be (in a way) dangerous too. What if you’re using your phone for directions getting home? You are in your car, driving home without a charger, and then BOOM, your phone dies. What now?

The Same Ringtone (And Text Tone) As Every Other iPhone User

This issue is not nearly as bad as the others listed, but it is still worth mentioning. If you’ve ever been in a crowd of iPhone users and heard someone’s phone start ringing, it is highly likely that you thought it was yours initially. And that is because (for whatever reason) the vast majority of iPhone users have the exact same ringtone.

If you’re an iPhone user yourself, then you can likely relate to the problems above!

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