5 Educational Apps to Make You Smarter

Quenching the thirst for knowledge or improving your smarts has never been easier. Regardless of what you are wanting to learn or even be more organized in school, there are a slew of apps out there to help you with that. If you are interested in learning about the fine points of economics or venturing off into the world of programming, there is something for you out there.

With the world connected more so than ever before thanks to the internet, education apps have been enabled to thrive. Here are a few apps to help you increase your smarts or arrange your schooling.





            Brainscape allows you to create and use flashcards, which they claim can double your learning speed. They base the app off of timing that is specialty trained for your brain. Rate how well you know the subject matter and the app will determine how much time you will need for the quiz. The app gathers data from world experts, your peers and the user themselves to generate more flashcards and content.

While the app is free to download, it does operate off of a subscription model. The Brainscape Pro subscriptions are monthly for $9.99, semiannually for $29.99, annually for $35.99 or lifetime for $79.99.




            This app is basically a personal editor that fits in your pocket. Students can use Gradeproof to check their grammar, spelling, word count and plagiarism. You simply import your attachment to the app and the Gradeproof AI take it from there.

Gradeproof is another free-to-download app, but to unlock the premium services you will have to sign up for a subscription of $10 per month. They are currently offering a 7-day free trail to give the app a test run however.




            Armed with free online courses from top institutions like MIT, Harvard, UC Berkley and the Smithsonian, edX has charted an ambitious path to bring higher education to the masses. You can stream class videos and take quizzes on your schedule. The courses available include big data, chemistry, computer science, leadership training, innovation, cybersecurity and many more.

You can earn some certifications with this app, however those courses may cost you to pursue. Otherwise the app is free, as well as, most of its content.




TED brings more than 2,000 videos TED Talk videos to one place. The app is free and allows you to explore any topic from their bevvy of presenters that include titans from the tech, educational, business and music world. TED allows you to make playlist of interesting videos and spark a conversation with others.

The app and its content is free to download across all devices.


Khan Academy


Another app that offers a vast array of content for free. Khan offers videos, interactive exercises and topic-specific articles in many subjects that include statistics, algebra and pre-algebra, science, economics, history and many more. It is a great resource for those studying for the SAT, MCAT or GMAT.

The app also lets you to track your progress in the subject you are exploring. In addition, you can unlock achievements based on your performance. The app is free for all.

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