How to Find the Best Telephone Service Provider

Take advantage of your need for a new provider to update your phone. Evaluate your technological needs first. Choose a conventional phone if you need the cheapest hardware available: Conventional phones are typically free if you sign a service contract. Pick a smartphone if your career or lifestyle demands a phone with Internet, apps and email access. Sign a service contract for a significant discount on the price of a smartphone.

List the people you contact the most often. Monitor your phone use and record when your phone is most active. If you find patterns in your phone usage, look for providers that offer free calling or discounts that match these patterns. Focus on providers with inexpensive data plans if you use a smartphone and need text messaging and Internet access more than phone service.

Check for rebates, discounts and special promotions after you’ve decided what type of phone you need. Research past promotional pricing to discover what the best deals are. If better deals appear during certain holidays, wait for a deal before signing a contract.

Consult an online comparison database of service providers if you need assistance finding the lowest rate. Choose reputable sites such as TeleBright or BillShrink (see Resources).

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