How to Get Caller ID Blocking in VoIP

The caller ID service enables you to view the phone number of the person making a call to you. Similarly, whenever you make a call, your number may be displayed on the phone instrument of the person whom you are calling. It is a free feature provided by a majority of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service providers in the US. It is possible to block the caller ID by using a distinct code.

Check with your VoIP service provider if you already have a free caller ID and caller ID block service. A majority of VoIP service providers offer this feature for free. Subscribe to the service in case it is not provided.

Learn to use the caller ID and caller ID block service. You can activate the Caller ID service when your phone instrument is compliant to this feature. Old phones usually do not support this feature. So, you may have to buy a separate Caller ID machine.

Activate the caller ID block system before making a call. Depending on your VoIP service provider, dial the code to block your caller ID. By doing so, your number will not be displayed on the call receiver’s instrument even if he or she has a caller ID feature. For example, dial *79 before making a call if you use ‘Vonage’ VoIP. ‘Packet 8’ users can dial *77 or *87. Another VoIP service provider called ‘Quantum Tone’ has a set code of *67 for Caller ID block.

Hang up the phone when you finish the call. The phone call receiver cannot answer back, as he or she would have no information about the incoming call number.

Understand that your caller ID has been blocked only for that particular call. If you want to make a call again, you will need to dial the caller ID prefix code (*79/*77/*67) again before making a call.

Learn ways to block caller ID permanently. You can visit the VoIP service provider’s website, log into your account and go to account details. In the settings, you can choose an option to ‘Block my phone number when making calls’. This will block sending your caller ID information to the receiver on every call you make until you revert this setting.

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