How to Use a Cell Phone Internet Through a Router

Some cell phones are Wi-Fi capable, meaning that they can access the Internet by connecting to a nearby wireless router. This is beneficial if the cell phone’s built-in data network access is slow or unavailable. This is also useful if you do not have a data plan for your cell phone. Wi-Fi connections allow you to tap into a nearby Internet connection without incurring data usage charges on your cell phone bill.

Step 1: Open the “Main Menu” on your cell phone. Navigate to the “Settings” link or icon within the menu. This may be listed as “Phone options,” or “Setup.”

Step 2: Look for “Wireless Options” which may be also labeled as “Wi-Fi,” or “Internet Setup.” Select this option.

Step 3: Scroll through the options until you see a section for “Wireless” or “Wi-Fi.” Enable the wireless by checking off the box next to the words “Wi-Fi” or “Wireless.” Some phones may require you to click on the option and select “Enable” or “Turn on.”

Step 4: Wait for the phone to scan for a nearby wireless router. A status icon will appear in the top menu of your phone indicating whether a connection has been made. If the router requires a user name or password, enter this information when prompted on your cell phone and select the option for “Remember this connection” if available.

Step 5: Launch the cell phone’s Internet or mobile browser. Phones that have wireless capabilities to connect to routers will automatically switch to the router when accessing the Internet if available.

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