How to Get Cheap Home Phone Service and Internet

Decide what services you need for your home phone and what type of service you need for an internet connection.  The fewer services you require, the lower the price.  If you need call waiting, call return, voicemail, caller id, local calls, long distance and other phone services, you may have to pay a little more, although you will still be able to find cheap home phone service.


If you are able to use a dial up connection, you can find free internet connections, but if you need dsl, broadband, cable or wireless internet, you will have to pay more.

Free Internet


Sign up with Netzero for 10 hours of free internet per month.  It is completely free.  The only draw back is that it is dial up.  For most people 10 hours of free internet is enough even though dial up is the slowest form of internet.

Cheap Home Phone Service


Pick up a MagicJack at retail stores that carry them such as Radioshack, Bestbuy, Target, Walmart or Walgreen’s.  The cost is approximately $19.99 for the equipment and about $19.99 for the entire year. I know it is unbelievable but true. You do need an internet connections for the Magic Jack to work.  If you need cheap phone bills, this is definitely the way to go.  MagicJack is also great for cheap long distance calling because you can call long distance or even international for no additional cost.

Other Cheap Home Phone Service Providers


Contact internet based home phone service providers such as Vonage to find out what deals they have to offer.  If you do use an internet based phone service such as MagicJack or Vonage, be sure to register your phone number with your local emergency services.

Bundle Services


Ask your local phone company such as A T & T, Verizon or Comcast about their package deals for cable television, internet, home phone service and long distance.  Most companies have great deals if available in your area.  This may be the best way for you to receive cheap broadband internet.

Cancel Your Current Home Phone Service


Cancel your current home phone service only after you have signed up with a new cheaper service. Make sure that you ask about all of the charges that you will receive, sometimes there are additional fees, that is why MagicJack and Netzero are so appealing, there are no hidden charges with them.

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