How to Set Up a Wireless Surveillance System Inside & Outside the Home

Step 1 – Open the side panels on both wireless video cameras. Adjust the “Channel” setting on each camera to a different number and letter, for example, set one to “A1” and the other to “A2.” Close the side panels.

Step 2 – Screw the video camera mounting plate to the wall in the area that you want to keep under surveillance with wood screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Screw metal screws through the sides of the video camera and into the mounting plate using the Phillips screwdriver. Angle the external antenna on the camera, if there is one, toward the TV that will be used to watch its video. Plug the power cord from the camera into a wall outlet.

Step 3 – Trip the circuit breaker at the fuse box that is supplying electrical power to an outside electric junction box, for example, the porch light or the light above a garage.

Step 4 – Remove the screws from around the lighting fixture that is at the location where you will be placing the external video camera, using a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 5 – Pull the fixture from the wall. Remove the screw-tab connectors over the twisted pairs of black-and-white wires that are now revealed behind the fixture.

Step 6 – Wrap the black wire from the back of the video camera around the black wires from the hole. Wrap the white wire from the back of the video camera around the white wires from the hole. Screw the screw-tab connectors back on the twisted pairs of wires.

Step 7 – Screw the lighting fixture back on the wall with wood screws using the Phillips screwdriver. Screw the video camera wall plate on the wall next to the fixture with wood screws. Screw metal screws through the sides of the video camera and into the plate.

Step 8 – Restore the electric power at the fuse box. Place the wireless video camera receiver next to the TV. Insert one end of a video cable into the video output on the receiver. Insert the video cable’s other end into a video input on the TV — typically this is on the back panel but can also be found on the side orĀ front.

Step 9 – Turn on the TV. Press the “Menu” button on the remote. Navigate to the “Video input” setting. Select the video input corresponding to where the video cable is plugged. Press “Menu” repeatedly until you exit the menu settings.

Step 10 – Plug the wireless video receiver’s power cord into a wall outlet. Angle the external antenna, if there is one, in the general direction of the two video cameras if possible. Otherwise, angle it in the direction of the video camera that is farthest from the receiver.

Step 11 – Set the “Channel” setting on the receiver to “Al.” Rotate the knob or slide the selector switch to go from one video camera to the next. You should now be able to see the video feed from your surveillance cameras on the TV.

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