How To Conserve Your Smartphone Battery

While we wait for hardware development to catch up with the diverse range of functionality on a mobile smartphone, we will need to conserve our battery life the best we can.

Stay on social media, GPS or Netflix for too long on your phone and suddenly within an hour you’ve eaten through more than half of your battery life.

Nowadays, with everything we depend on our phone for, doing what we can to save our battery life is a must. If you’re looking for ways to conserve your smartphone battery life, stay tuned.

Close apps you aren’t using

Some people open app after app and don’t bother to close them when they are done. This may seem like a cool multitasking ability on your smartphone, but this is a big reason your battery is getting drained so quickly. Even if you’re not using the apps, they are open and running in the background — you’re wasting battery for no good reason.

When you finish using an app, close it immediately. If you don’t, you can kiss your battery life goodbye.

Turn your brightness down

Whenever you dim your smartphones screen, you’re saving battery life. If your battery is turned up high, your battery is working a lot harder to keep the screen lit. Try dimming your screen down as low as you can without squinting to read, and see how much longer your battery lasts.

Turn off vibrations

You probably have vibrations whenever someone calls you or you get a notification of some sort. However, in places where sound notifications are appropriate, turn your ringtone on. Vibrations use up more power than ringtone.

Disable GPS

Certain apps eat up your battery faster than others. Your smartphone has a GPS unit that allows the sending and receiving of signals to and from satellites to determine your exact location, which is integral for some apps to work, for example, map-based apps like Google Maps or to check-in on Facebook.

When it’s left running in the background, some of these apps may continue to send and receive signals. It eats up your battery in order to do that. You may even consider disabling your location tracking. Some do this for privacy reasons, but it does in fact help with battery life.

Don’t use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE when not in use

Whenever your smartphone is searching for signals, your battery is being consumed. When you’re in bad reception, your phone is actively searching for good connection. It’s a good idea to turn off your Wi-Fi or bluetooth when you don’t need to be connected. A easy and convenient way to do this is turn on airplane mode.

Turn irrelevant notifications off

You probably don’t want notifications for every little thing, huh? It gets annoying, and it drains your battery life. Keep calls, texts, emails and other important notifications on, but when it comes to other things like news, games and other pointless notifications, turn them off so your battery isn’t wasted on notifying you.

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