How to Legally Obtain Cell Phone Records

Get a legal order that requires a phone company to turn over the cell phone bills. Check with the individual wireless carrier for the policy on giving cell phone records to non-account holders or their representatives. Legal orders are usually only granted during criminal investigations.

Create an online billing account with your own cell phone company, or log on to your account if you already have one at the wireless company’s website. Input information about the account such as its number and other personal information.

Select the account option to download previous bills. Choose the date range for the bills you want to see. Save the file to your desktop, or print the bill(s) directly.

Call the cell phone provider if you do not want to set up on online account, or if you do not have one. Provide the customer service agent with security information about your account so that he can ensure you can legally access the account information.

Ask the representative to email you a copy of the records. If you want a paper copy mailed to you via regular mail, you may have to pay a fee for the service.

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