Place these in your shoes (or high heels) and it turns back the clock on tired feet

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Rejuvenate your achy tired feet and relief from frustrating back pain. Back pain and achy feet can slow down the best of us. MindIndoles can be the solution.  Inspired by YONGQUAN these inserts provide stimulation on the major acupoint. By promoting blood circulation and supporting body strength, back and feet pain is no longer a problem. 

The benefits of MindInsole are incredible!

  • Improves Energy
  • Relieves muscle tensions
  • Reduces back pain
  • Supports your circulation

Relief in back and foot pain is important to your quality of life. Regardless of your age or your hobbies, these insoles can help relive your pain. The elimination of foot and back pain gives you more energy to attack your day. A pain free day leads to a good night sleep. Let MindInsoles help improve the way you work, play, and sleep.

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