Throw your super glue away and let this fix virtually anything

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Fix almost anything around your home or office with Bondic. Bondic uses a new liquid formula with a special UV light to bond all types of materials together. Stop spending money to replace items that Bondic can fix.

  • Bonds with any surface, metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramics
  • Once dried the liquid plastic formula is made to last forever
  • Formula is non toxic and safe for everyone
  • This formula won’t dry out
  • No more mess, Bondic doesn’t bond till its exposed to the UV light

Bondic fixes many household items quickly while saving you time and money. Repair eyeglasses, USB-c cables, Ethernet wires, fishing equipment, jewelry and more with Bondic. Bondic needs only 4-seconds to create a bond better than new. This tool is essential in every household or office. Bondic saves you time and money by prolonging the use of your everyday home items.

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