Reduce your stress at home or work in just 10 minutes!

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In less than ten minutes, you can reduce neck pain. Working from a computer or phone can cause bad posture. This can trigger neck pain and increase stress levels. Infrared heat and electrical frequencies are known to relieve stress. NeckRelax combines those technologies with 6 distinctive massage modes. Put on NeckRelax and feel the joy of stress and pain melting away.

NeckRelax is the most advanced personal massage device ever created. Pulse patches allow you to send electrical pulses anywhere on your body. This stimulates your muscles from head to toe promoting total comfort and relaxation. Being relaxed and comfortable at work has never been easier. Providing you with more energy to achieve your goals.

No set up required! Insert two batteries and NeckRelax begins to work right away. Reducing pain and stress to make your work day more enjoyable.

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