A Router Unable to Connect to the Internet

Unplug the router from its power source. Leave it off for at least ten seconds. Unplug all of the computers from the router and unplug the router from the modem. Then plug everything back in and verify whether the connection works. If it doesn’t, try the same process but leave it unplugged for a few minutes. Leaving the router off for a long time usually allows the IP address to reset.

Unplug the router and connect the modem directly to a computer. If the Internet does not work, it means that there is an Internet problem and most likely not a problem with the router. If so, call your Internet company and tell them you are experiencing an outage of service.  If the Internet works from the modem to the computer, it is a problem with the router. If your router has a built in modem, you don’t need to try to unplug it from the modem itself. But, in this case, you would notice that there is an Internet problem if the lights are not blinking on it. With both types of routers, you can look to see if the lights are blinking, and if they aren’t, this will indicate a problem with the Internet connection.

Call the router company or the number on the box or in the manual for the product. They might be able to troubleshoot a more specific problem, or they might be able to send you a replacement router.

Open the Command Prompt dialog by navigating to the “Start” menu, clicking “Run,” typing “cmd,” then clicking “OK.” Type “Ipconfig” and click “OK.” Your computer’s IP addresses will be displayed. You can then call your Internet service provider and tell him what you’ve discovered and he can help determine the problem. From the Command Prompt dialog, type the words “ping” and then your IP Address and click “OK.” The computer will display information about whether your IP address is working.

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