The Best Unlimited Data Plans You Need To Consider

In this article, we’ll talk about the best unlimited cell phone plans on the market. Are you tired of over paying for your cellphone plan? Consider switching to one of these awesome unlimited data plans.

If you rely on your phone for browsing, streaming, gaming and other internet related things – unlimited plans are a no brainer. If you’re not sure if you need an unlimited plan, consider if it’s worth it to you to not worry about going over your data plan every month (which can get pricey).

Sprint Unlimited Plus Plan

At just $60/month, you can get this awesome unlimited plan. What does it include?

  • HD streaming
  • Unlimited Data
  • Mexico/Canada privileges for flagship unlimited plans
  • 50GB hotspot allowance, 50GB data deprioritization threshold
  • Hulu and Tidal subscriptions
  • No contract
  • Current deal: Get $10/mo. off per line on the Unlimited Plus plan when you BYO phone or purchase one full price

Keep in mind, Sprint network coverage isn’t great – but if you’re in an area with good coverage, this is a good plan.

T-Mobile Magenta Family Plan

If you’re looking for a great unlimited family data plan at $160/mo – this could be what you need. What does it include?

  • 3GB high-speed hotspot data
  • Unlimited data
  • Coverage in Mexico and Canada
  • Netflix subscription
  • Extremely good network with T-Mobile (Sprint doesn’t compare in this category)

Metro by T-Mobile Unlimited Plan

This is a prepaid unlimited plan with decent network coverage for $50. What does it include?

  • 35GB data deprioritization threshold
  • Unlimited data
  • 5GB hotspot and 1,000GB Google One storage allotment
  • Extra $10/mo for Amazon Prime subscription
  • No contract

Sprint Unlimited Kickstart Plan

This is the cheapest unlimited plan on the market at just $25/mo. In order to get this deal, you have to be switching from another major carrier to Sprint, and it’s BYO phone or buy one outright.

  • Unlimited data (tech and basic data)
  • Streaming of video (up to 480p), gaming (up to 2mbps) and music (500kbps)
  • No bundled extras

There is a reason this plan is so cheap, you get basic unlimited data, without a lot of the extras you would have with a more expensive plan. But if you need the bare-minimum, this is the best plan for you.

Verizon Beyond Unlimited

At a pricey $85/mo cost, you’ll receive the best coverage in the country. You won’t have to worry about losing reception and Verizons coverage is consistently rated the best national coverage. What else does it include?

  • 15GB hotspot allowance
  • Unlimited talk and text in Mexico and Canada
  • HD streaming
  • Unlimited data
  • No contract
  • Current deal: Get a $250 Prepaid MasterCard with select BYO 4G smartphones (online only)
  • $5 auto-pay discount

AT&T Unlimited & More Premium

At $80/mo you can get all the bells and whistles of an unlimited plan. What else do it offer?

  • Unlimited full speed data
  • Unlimited HD video
  • international perks
  • 15GB hotspot
  • WatchTV mobile streaming service
  • Great coverage
  • No contract

If you’re actively on your phone most of the day and rely on the internet, unlimited data might be the best option for you. Keep in mind, while there are many unlimited data plans on the market, these might be the best ones for you – but it doesn’t hurt to do more research about what different carriers offer.

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