The Top 5 iPhone Cases Of 2017

If you’ve gone as far as to get one of the newer model iPhones (especially the iPhone X), then you should certainly protect it with a good, high quality case. Durable cases are well worth the money, and if you’re someone who has dropped (and shattered) your phone before, then you should certainly know why!

This may come as somewhat of a surprise, but most people who shatter their screens don’t do so because they are completely case-less, they do so because the case they have is that of a very low quality. So, to make sure everyone reading this article knows exactly what cases to get, and what model iPhones to get them for, we have listed this year’s top five cases below.

1. The TOZO iPhone X Case (For The iPhone X Only)

If you’re one of the lucky few people who already have the new iPhone X, then you certainly want to protect it as best as you possibly can. And according to many different sources, the TOZO iPhone X Case is the best way to do so.

Serving as perhaps the most convenient, lightweight form of phone protection to date, the TOZO iPhone X case is incredibly sleek, and certainly won’t have you struggling to fit something big and bulky into your pocket. It is approximately 0.35mm thick, and the soft, matte material in which it is made makes it the perfect choice for all iPhone X users.

2. The Nero7 Battery Case For (For The iPhone 7 And The iPhone 8)

Not only does the Nero7 Battery Case keep your phone charged at all times, but it is incredibly durable and able to withstand even the harshest falls. The USB connector on this case is also completely MFI certified. Therefore, if you’re someone who frets having to borrow one of your friend’s chargers, then this is certainly a great choice.

3. The Premium PU Wallet Case, Made Of Pure Leather

The Premium PU Wallet Case is perhaps the most convenient form of smart phone protection on this entire list, and a great choice for those who hate carrying around an actual purse or wallet. This small, yet somehow spacious case can fit all of your cards and money, as well as your phone. And best of all, it still isn’t all that big. That way, carrying around a giant, bulky device will certainly not be an issue.

4. The Otterbox Defender Series Case

As you probably already know, Otterbox cases are certainly high quality. In fact, some consider them to be the best of the best. And the Defender Series iPhone case is perhaps the most highly sought out model they have. Whether you drop your phone from your hand or off of a roof, the Defender Series will certainly make sure it doesn’t crack. It even has a built in screen protector, just to make sure!

5. The Spine Neo Hybrid Series Case (Also Made Solely For The iPhone X)

Much like the Defender Series case listed above, the Spine Neo Hybrid Series Case is extremely thick, durable, and borderline indestructible. Able to withstand heavy duty falls, while also making sure your phone is fully scratch, heat, and air resistant, this case is certainly a great choice for all iPhone X users.

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