The Biggest Benefits Of Having An Android

Whether you are looking to switch over to an Android from an iPhone, or you are already a current Android user, you should certainly benefit from this article. It not only outlines the most beneficial features that Androids have, but it will show you why so many people have made the switch over already. So, if you are like most people and wanting to see what all the buzz is about with the new android phones, then be sure to keep on reading!

The Value

Unless you’re rolling in cash, then not paying too much for your phone is probably top priority. And fortunately for those who choose to go with an android, saving money is a sure thing. While most iPhones run anywhere from $350-$999, most Androids are sold for only $349, and come with far more options as well. This is not only great news for those paying out of pocket for their phones, but for those leasing them as well. Due to the much lower price, monthly payments are much easier too!

The Very High Speed USB Charging Ports

Though this might come as a surprise to most people, Android phones actually charge much faster than iPhones. In fact, many of the new Android phones not only build their battery back up quicker, but they take longer to die too. This is (of course) a huge benefit for those who spend a lot of time on their phone, and don’t feel like turning the brightness down to do so. Most of the Android cables are universal too, that way, no matter what model you have, you can charge your device on an Android USB. With iPhone chords however, this might be difficult, unless you have the right model.

Alternate Keyboards!

In addition to offering many emoji’s that the iPhone does not, Android phones now come with a large array of alternate keyboards that certainly make for some fun conversations. These keyboards are not only quick and easy to install, but they are all found within the Android phone itself, not on separate apps.

The Android “Automation”

You may not have heard of the Android “automation” before, but it is actually very useful. This unique feature not only allows Android users to turn their phone into a “superphone”, but it allows them to edit the settings too. For instance, the Android app “tasker” enables Android users to completely customize their home screen, location settings, time of day, and brightness. This not only helps make your phone aesthetically pleasing, but it gives you much more options than the iPhone as well.

The Android “Widgets”

Though the widgets found on the Android may take up a little too much storage, they are perhaps the phone’s best feature. These widgets allow you to track the weather, edit your music, and also increase your productivity by repeatedly reminding you of your to-do list, and constantly placing it right in front of your eyes.

If you were an iPhone user before reading this article, then hopefully it turned you in the right direction!

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