How to Track Someone by Cell Phone Number

Use Cell Phone Tracer. After entering the cell phone number, this company will give you the option of purchasing a full report to view the owner’s name and address. The charge for this service is $14.95.

Check out Reverse Phone Detectives. This company allows you to trace the owner’s name and address for $14.95. Phone Detectives also provides customers with a money back guarantee, ensuring the results are what you expect.

Try Mobile Phone Number. This company allows individuals to purchase a full report including the cell phone owner’s name, city and state. The charge for this report is $14.95.

Investigate Intelius to trace a phone number. This service allows you to get access to the state the phone number is registered in for free. However, if you want the name and address of the owner, you’ll need to pay $4.95.

Contact Phone Searches, which is a good option for more complicated cell phone searches. If you need to trace a cell phone number that’s disconnected, they offer this service. However this company is more expensive then the others, charging about $100 for cell phone number reports.

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