Tracks your weight and 17 important body metrics with an iPhone or Android app

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Traditional scales only tell you how much you weigh, not what your weight is made up of. FitTrack uses a patented technology which breaks down 17 unique health measurements for you. You can now know your Muscle Mass, Hydration Levels, Body Fat, Protein percentage, and more!

It connects through a free app available for iPhone or Android. Many prefer FitTrack because it takes the guesswork out of knowing what your weight means. Is it muscle? Water retention? Subcutaneous fat? No need to wonder anymore, FitTrack breaks it all down for you.

An amazing feature of the FitTrack is the entire family can use it (no extra charge). It recognizes up to 8 different accounts, making it easy to track your entire family’s health. FitTrack is also equipped with “infant mode” and lets parents with infants easily track their baby’s weigh

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