5 Big Data Predictions in 2018

There has been a high speculation regarding the growth in big data market by 2018 to hit a projected level of US$46.34. It is hard to deny such predictions especially considering the constant changes in technology witnessed every day. Big data has gradually evolved greatly changing many different aspects of the way we gain access to, as well understand data and its analytics. As it is, the coming year will see no exception to such evolution. With respect to the increased technological innovations a lot is expected to happen in the years to come. Here are some of the big data predictions of 2018.

  1. Rise in cognitive technologies

According to the trends, there is a high probability that the cognitive technologies will evolve. It is noticeable that some tasks, which could only be accomplished by humans, such as facial recognition, are now be automated. As technology advances, the automation of cognitive skills the likes of reasoning and planning is possible. In the past, it was only possible to capture, move, as well as store certain data with computer systems. With the constant technological changes computer systems are becoming easy to comprehend the meaning of data.

  1. Prescriptive analytics’ growth

The use of analytics systems is becoming common in modern world. Such systems are used in improving the quality of decisions we make, and improve the efficiency of actions. Improved technology is likely to enhance continuous use of prescriptive analytics, as well as make it quite easier. As the need for better situations and decisions increase, prescriptive analytics will be helpful in 2018 going forward. The reason behind such prediction is the fact that with prescriptive analytics, the delivery of appropriate decisions in any situation is possible. For example, the combination of descriptive and predictive analytics will be useful for making smarter business decisions.

  1. Improved learning speed for machines

As it is, numerous machines have been developed that have the ability to learn and perform different functions. Over the past years, there has been a growth in the Machine-learning technology. The implication of such technology is that the future of the speed at which these machines learn is not limited; there is a high possibility that they will have the ability of analyzing bigger, extremely complex data, as well as offer more precise and reliable results. Such prediction is founded on the improved algorithms, increase use of data, as well as the introduction of power computer hardware.

  1. Improvement in cyber security

Cybercrimes have become a menace to businesses and individuals. However, the introduction of the artificial intelligence technology has led to great improvement in terms of cyber security. Such improvement has been possible through the use of reinforcement learning approaches to prevent as well as solve certain problems. With the continued growth and improvement in technology, machines are likely to gain the ability of modeling human psychology for the purpose of making better predictions. Additionally, technology will create the ability in machines to analyze and learn from data that is not labeled even without the supervision of human. Considering such capacity, artificial intelligence is likely to improve mechanisms of safeguarding data.

  1. Growth in Internet of Things (IoT)

The introduction of the internet has greatly improved different aspects of life and much is expected to come. As we head over to 2018, IoT is likely to influence big data analysis. Presently, many people are using tablets and smartphones among other smart devices; as such usage grows, more and more businesses are likely to come up to make investment in IoT.

Overly, there are exciting big data changes expected in 2018 and the future in general. Regardless of the field and industry of your business –online education, e-commerce, or retail, getting prepared to embrace the changes can give your business a boost.

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