6 Great Smartphone Gadgets for Traveling

As the holiday season reaches a crescendo, you may find yourself fighting through an airport or stuck in a car for hours to be with family and friends. Anyone who has traveled during this time of year know the headache it causes. From delayed flights to interstate traffic jams, holiday traveling is the worst. However, help is out there to make the travel season easier to endure. Here are a few gadgets to make your life a little better.


Multiuse Eye Mask


            If you are one of those people who can actually sleep on a flight or during a layover, the Sleep Eye Mask Headphone kills two birds with one stone. Not only is it an eye mask, but it is also designed with built-in over-ear headphones. You can block out light while also listening to your music or podcasts on your smartphone.

This is available for $20 on Amazon.



Heavy-Duty Charging Cable


            There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a layover and your cable finally dies on you and you have to go find a store to buy an overpriced charging cable. With the Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable this is no longer a problem. This cable is braided, ballistic military grade nylon, thick protective jacket and extra thick wire gauge. It’s a tough design that prevents tearing or breaking.

Available for both Android and iPhone starting at $29.95.


Thin Battery Pack      


            It’s always a hassle to not over pack when hitting the holiday traveling grind. Accessibility is key when you are toting tons of stuff. This is why an ultra-thin portable charging apparatus is incredibly convenient when your device is on the verge of death. The Mophie Powerstation is about as thick as your phone and can easy be stowed away anywhere. It also can charge at 15W, which can charge your phone extremely quick and has enough power to charge your device up to 8 times.

You can reel in this battery pack for $79.95.


Travel Cord Roll


Anytime you travel these days you are most likely going to be doing so with a ton of cords to support your technology. From your phone and tablet chargers to headphone wires and the various accessories that come along with them. The Travel Cord Roll helps consolidate all of these cords into one area and keeps them tangle free for easy use.

The Travel Cord Roll is priced at $20.


Smartphone Car Clip


            If you are driving, keeping your full attention of the road is the most important thing to do, so glancing down at your phone to see when your next turn will be can create a dangerous situation for you and your passengers. With a smartphone car clip, you can mount your device at eye level to keep you focused on the road.

These clips can start at $20 and up.


goTenna Mesh


            This device has many useful features when traveling, like creating an off-grid network so if you don’t have any cell signal you can still send messages and even download maps and use GPS features. The goTenna uses surrounding devices to create this network to use offline. In addition, goTenna Mesh is also water resistant and has up to 24 hours of charge on board.

You can get a two-pack of goTenna Mesh for $179.


goTenna Mesh is clearly doing something above and beyond the laws of physics, unless you simply had a weak signal !

Walking around a little, especially if antenna visible in the distance, or watching signal strength can be an even more effective solution !

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