Why You May Want To Take A Break From Social Media

We live in a day in age where our dependency on social media is at an all-time high. And it’s not just teens, it’s adults, too. It’s not surprising that in a day in age where we have the most mental health issues, we see more social media addictions on the rise.

While social media isn’t inherently evil, it does affect its users. Check out these reasons you may want to take a break from social media.

  • It’s like a drug.

Remember when we said it’s addictive? Well, the brain quite literally sees it as a substance to be hooked on. Whenever you get a comment, like, or any affirmation – your brains reward system goes wild. There’s a dopamine surge, just like alcohol, or drugs. The thing is, however, when that “high” wears off, you’re left sadder and wanting more than when you first began. Ever wonder why others (and maybe even you) at times crave attention on social media? It’s not wrong, it’s built in you. But it is addictive and it’s important to keep it in check. 

  • Fear of missing out. 

Have you ever posted your worst day on social media? Probably not – everyone is putting their best face on. This understandably leaves those who are reading and scrolling past the romanticized life of others feeling like they are missing out. You may become depressed and anxious, feeling like you should be doing more – needing more. It can be exhausting when the media is constantly throwing what you should be wearing, doing and dating out in your face. Don’t get sucked in. It’s not reality. 

  • Keeps you from getting things done. 

Time seems like an optical allusion when you’re mindlessly scrolling on social media. Ever tell you yourself only 30 minutes, and 2 hours passes? Social media can become a huge distraction from completing even the simplest of tasks. Since our phones can quite literally become an addiction, picking up your cell phone to check media can become second nature. This adds unneeded breaks in your productivity and you could be losing out on real productivity. A 2 hour task suddenly turns into an all day task. Try putting away the phone and only picking it up when you’re done. 

  • Comparison. 

Thanks to photo editing apps and societies skewed view of what beauty is, social media can be a triggering place for comparison. Girls in bikinis and men in the gym can cause you to shrink in anxiety rather than motivating you. You’re only seeing a little part of someone’s life, so remember that no matter how “perfect” someone looks or their life looks, social media doesn’t share the whole story. 

  • Headaches. 

The effects aren’t all emotional and mental. Staring at the screen for hours on end can literally hurt your brain. Ever feel sensitive to the blue light of your screen after some time on social media? The squinting and hard screen color does more hurt for your eyes and brain than you probably know. 

  • Thief of real joy.

Posting and having a presence on social media isn’t wrong. And this article isn’t made to make you feel guilty for having it. It is, however, written to make you think about how much you depend on it. If you take a look at your life, your primary source of joy is not social media. It’s spending time with loved ones, doing activities that enhance your inner self and life aroun

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