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6 Great Smartphone Gadgets for Traveling

As the holiday season reaches a crescendo, you may find yourself fighting through an airport or stuck in a car for hours to be with family and friends. Anyone who…

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Netflix Buffering Problems

Connection Issues Netflix requires a constant connection to the Internet. If, for whatever reason, your Internet goes out, your video may play until the most recently buffered point before stopping….

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How to Install Home Alarm Systems

How to Install Home Alarm Systems Start the installation process by reading any documentation that came with your home alarm systems. This may include the warranty, user’s manuals, installation schematics,…

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The Best DIY Home Alarm System Products

Considerations Do-It-Yourself security products include alarm packages, voice dialers, fire detectors, home automation, glass break detectors, keypads, medical alerts, motion detectors, specialty detectors, sirens, video cameras, and window/door sensors. Vander…

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Charter Compatible Cable Modems

Ubee Ubee offers several Charter-compatible modems. One model, the DDW3611 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem combined with a wireless router, offers support for up to 802.11n wireless networks and has enough…

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How to Install EarthLink

Install EarthLink Cancel any Internet service you have with another provider. Often you can do this by telephone, fax or snail-mail. You will have to provide them with your username…